Jimmy Matlock - State Representative 2006

A Protector of Values and Rights

Jimmy Matlock's FamilyJimmy is a firm believer in strong family values. He knows that the health of families is the cornerstone of a strong community. Jimmy is fervent in his belief that a streamlined state government that will reduce the tax burden on Tennessee’s families and further their opportunities for success.

He is also a champion of private property rights, and would like the opportunity to ensure that Tennesseans’ private property is never confiscated and used for profit by developers.

Jimmy supports the rights of American citizens, and knows that many in his community are having their rights challenged by the problem of illegal immigration. As State Representative, Jimmy seeks immediate answers to this growing problem by being an advocate for true common sense immigration policies.

A Chance to Give Back

While my goal has never been to replace the role of families with government, we have been able to strengthen the schools in Tennessee along with downsizing the intrusion of government in the average daily lives of our citizens.

Jimmy Matlock knows the people of the 21st district because he is one of us. Re-Elect Matlock on November 4th.

Election Dates:

Primary: August 5th
General: November 4th

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